20 Short To Medium Layered Hairstyles


Do a fabulous makeover through the following 20 Short To Medium Layered Hairstyles Ideas! Once you are getting bored with the look of your shoulder length hair while at the same time still want to keep it, then a decision to add layering texture will be a right choice. Through giving layering accents to your hair, you will create an attractive shape of hair that will highlight beautifully to your face frame. So, when you are on it, perhaps the following medium short haircuts ideas will inspire you a lot.

Short To Medium Layered Hairstyles Some Popular to Try

The layering technique will define a new look to your face. And, it will be great if you combine this styling with other styling option too. Have you ever heard about rough texture, anyone? This styling option is so attractive which is why when you are looking for any ideas of Short To Medium Layered, some sites offer for this. The choppy texture shows a rough, irregular edge line which is almost the same with the layer. If the layer found at the high parts, then the bumpy surface will be located at the bottom.

If you are interested in medium short choppy hairstyles, then you will act awesome. Ask the stylist to cut down your hair in shoulder length and ask him to add choppy texture as well as layering accents to yours. Add side bangs with the continuous length too for getting a dramatic cut. Thanks for the textured edge which make this style looks natural and pleasing. Last, pair these medium short layered hairstyles with chic outfits and you are done.

Though layering the hair means giving texture, some people are even interested in adding other texture too. The textures can be wavy, curly, and even sleek and smooth with the help of the heating iron. The idea of combining texture at Short To Medium Layered Hairstyles believable to create a camouflage to your tresses when layering option is not pretty enough. For example, if you have super thick hair while you want to make it a bit fine, go and cut the hair with layer first before smoothing it with iron. Add also side bangs that act as additional accents to prettify your face.

The same as the smoothing option, you also can have beautiful Layers Hairstyle through giving the wavy or curly accents. These textures are the savior for those whose tresses are thin and because of it want to have a fuller hair. Right after cutting the hair with layering option, anyone can apply adding wavy or curly, based on her preference. The wavy texture is a light and a nonformal style and on contrast, medium short curly hairstyles can be used both in formal and nonformal look.

These styles can be your perfect solution. To look beautiful with this style, you’ve got to be creative! Look around you and see what the best style to copy for example, or just browse and read some fashion magazine to get inspiration. Besides all above ideas of medium short layered hairstyles, you can serve a cute look through coloring the hair with the modern dye in this year such as brunette, ombre-styling, and the like. But, make sure that the chosen style should make your look better than before!

In a case that you don’t really like coloring, perhaps medium short layered hairstyles with bangs should be another interesting option. Add side swept, drop bangs, with blunt or rough texture, the coming of this accent at your medium short layered hairstyles will frame the face perfectly. You can also combine between a blunt cut medium bob with rough textured bangs if you like since the choices are limitless. Just choose the one that suits well to your shape face.

Best 20 Top Short To Medium Layered Hairstyles

1. Short To Medium Layered Hairstyles Blonde Boyish Bob

Blonde Boyish Bob

2. Medium Layered Hairstyles Blonde Messy Bob

Blonde Messy Layered Bob

3. Short To Medium Layered Hairstyles Blonde Spiked Pixie

Blonde Spiked Pixie

4. Casual Pointy Bob Short To Medium Layered Hairstyles

Casual Pointy Bob

5. Short To Medium Layered Hairstyles Cute Layered Bob

Cute Layered Bob

6. Short To Medium Layered Hairstyles Cute Thick Brown Bob

Cute Thick Brown Bob

7. Short To Medium Layered Hairstyles Dramatic Asymmetrical Bob

Dramatic Asymmetrical Bob

8. Top Short To Medium Layered Ginger Simple Bob

Ginger Simple Layered Bob

9. Top Short To Medium Layered Loose Blonde Curly

Loose Blonde Layered Curly Bob

10. Short To Medium Layered Hairstyles Messy Casual

Messy Casual Layers

11. Original Interesting Thick Layered Hairstyle

Original Interesting Thick Layered Hairstyle

12. Pink Short To Medium Layered Hairstyles

Pink Layered Bob

13. Top Short To Medium Layered Hairstyles Platinum Wavy

Platinum Wavy Layers

14. Really Straight Layers Medium Style

Really Straight Layers

15. Short To Medium Layered Hairstyles Rebellious Bob

Rebellious Layered Bob

16. Sexy Layered Curls

Sexy Layered Curls

17. Straight Line Layered Bob

Straight Line Layered Bob

18. Short To Medium Layered Hairstyles Thick Bob

Thick Layered Bob

19. Short To Medium Layered Hairstyles Thin Filled

Thin Filled Layers

20. Short To Medium Layered Hairstyles Voluminous


Overall, medium length hair is nothing but an appropriate choice. It can be used to look a bit boyish or girly at the same time! With those above ideas, we do hope that you will stay updated in a term of hairstyle. However, whatever the style you have selected, make sure that it works best both at your face contour and your personality. Now, ready to steal those Short To Medium Layered Hairstyles Ideas?