Short Hair With Bangs


ShortHair.CO (Short Hair With Bangs) – Chopping your hair short does not mean you will become way less attractive. After all, women today do not always have to sport long locks since short hairstyles have become very popular and stylish as well. Apart from that, short hairstyles have many advantages too, and they are often related to anything about saving time and money.

If you are still fear that short hairstyle is boring, then what we will show you here today is something you should never miss. Here, we will share some awesome Short Hairstyles inspirations with bangs that will make this simple and economic hairstyle even more awe-striking, taking it to a whole different level. Read on!

1. Pixie Cut with Jagged Bangs

Pixie Cut with Jagged Bangs

Pixie cut, anyone? This ultra-stylish short hairstyle is absolutely one to consider if you are looking for versatility and practicality wrapped up in a truly stylish way. Despite the short chop, pixie cut has the feminine, subtle, and romantic look that definitely will let your sweet and feminine side stand out.

Complete the pixie cut with piecey disconnection scattered throughout the hair, in addition to jagged fringe that grazes your eyes beautifully. This one is a great choice if you have a heart-shaped, round, or oval face and fine hair. To guarantee you a long-lasting hold, we recommend you to scrunch and lightly backcomb your hair when styling it.

2. Bob Hairstyle with Side-Swept Fringe

Bob Hairstyle with Side-Swept Fringe

One of the problems common with bangs is to decide how to wear it. Should I sweep my bangs to the right or to the left? Worry not, since the solution can be as simple as asking your hairstylist to add heavy side-swept fringe. This way, you do not need to worry anymore about which side your bangs should be.

Meanwhile, what will be the right hairstyle for you? Hmm, we personally consider the classic and timeless bob hairstyle will be a great match to pull the fringe style off. After all, bob hair is not difficult to wear too since any face shape and hair texture can find a right choice to fit this hairstyle flawlessly. But if you have a square, oval, or round shaped face with medium to thick hair, try rounded bob that will be completed by the versatile side-swept fringe flawlessly.

3. Edgy Short Hairstyle? Why Not?

Edgy Blonde Pixie
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For us, one great thing about short hair is how easy it is to rock the edgy haircut without having you to worry if the haircut may end up disastrous. In general, short hairstyle is very easy to pull off regardless of your face shape and hair texture. And even though the result is less than satisfying for you once you see it, you may not need to worry too much since you can trim it when the hair gets longer—and it’s always cheap to do so!

Hence, what about embracing the stylish look of edgy undercut to take your short hairstyle to the whole different level? And to add more style to your hair and look, add a side-swept fringe. Simple and fresh, this hairstyle will keep you looking awesome the whole day. Just be sure to apply some spray so you can keep the fringe held securely on its place. And for a vintage flair, you can curl the fringe to a victory roll shape!

4. Micro Fringe, Anyone?

Micro Fringe

Your bangs do not always have to be thick for you to pull your short hairstyle off. What about trying micro fringe? Delicately styled, the fringe can make a significant difference to your short hairstyle instantly!

Try the tightly cropped haircut—if your head has an uneven surface, make sure to ask your hairstylist to keep the length of each strand looking as if they are equal so your head shape can be defined perfectly. The ultra-short cut will find micro fringe a truly stylish company, especially to frame your forehead despite the lack of texture on each side. And to make this ultra-short hairstyle even more stunning, consider dyeing your hair in a color that contrasts your natural hair color so you can accentuate the texture.

5. Color Your Hair

Color Your Hair

Adding bangs aside, your short hairstyle can look way more astonishing as you add color on it. Dyeing the hair is always one color to instantly change the look of your hair. And since you have a short hairstyle, this can be way cheaper than dyeing longer hair.