Rihanna Short Hair Collections


ShortHair.CO (Rihanna Short Hair) – Who doesn’t know Rihanna? She has appeared in showbiz world for awhile. Even, it is said that she is a hair chameleon. This skilled fashion chameleon singer always changes her hairstyle drastically without reducing the beauty as well as expression. She has tons of collection of wonderful short hairstyles. So, if you are looking for inspiration about short hairstyle, her stunning collections can be the best option. Here, you will see some of her beautiful short hair collections.

What You Can Expect from Rihanna Short Hair

Rihanna seems doesn’t care about what the trend of the hair fashion in the atmosphere but she always bring a new and fresh fashion trend. Therefore, you will not only see her only applying the new model of the hairstyle but also the hair dye or color. No wonder if she is considered as a hair chameleon since she always finds a new way to make her short hairstyle wonderful. It seems you need to explore more collection about her gorgeous and stunning short hairstyles. You may love all of them.

1. Short and Glossy A-Line Style

Short Glossy A-Line Style

This short hairstyle can be your first option since it looks really marvelous. This hairstyle has extra short A-line cut. It is then perfected with side sleeked bangs. It makes this hairstyle looks ultra chic as well as super flattering for the face. This hairstyle can easily draw attention since she has an awesome makeup to complement the look such as makeup with nude lips and turquoise eyeliner. You may be inspired with this hairstyle, moreover if you have the same face shape. This must be awesome.

2. Messy Textured Crop

Messy Textured Crop

This hairstyle can be your choice since it has fun cheeky crop that is styled with volume on her crown as well as tapered back or side. This hairstyle looks wonderful as it has the rebellious nature of this beautiful singer. Her stylists may add some delicious accents such as adding chocolate hue that is combined with cool random cherry streaks. You cannot ignore this short hairstyle. It can be more than what you can expect. Look at the images of this hairstyle; you will get amazed.

3. Dramatic and Exotic A-La Mohawk Style

Dramatic and Exotic A-La Mohawk Style

This is an exotic, dramatic and gorgeous short hairstyle of Rihanna. This hairstyle has beautiful accents of the contrasting hues and textures. This is closely cut temples as well as long highlighted feathers right on the top with so nice polished finish. You can also look at the beautiful golden blonde highlights that are combined with rich plum lips. This rich plum lip can light up her dramatic look. You will easily like this hairstyle from the front, side and back. Ask your stylist.

4. Bold & Edgy Rihanna Short Hair

Bold & Edgy Rihanna Short Hair

This hairstyle can be your next option if you want to have so beautiful short hairstyle. It has a perfect combination of the songstress elongated edgy bangs as well as crown stress that is styled with chopped sides or back. Well-trimmed temples also add more accents to make her look so wonderful. You need to ask your stylist to make this hairstyle work best on your face shape and hair type since you will not get the best look without considering both face shape and hair type.

Indeed, the way how Rihanna short hair can be perfectly applied to her best look is because of the stylish intuition who can make the hairstyle is well applied following her face shape and hair type. Certain styling products may be required to create certain accents. Just remember that styling and caring short hairstyle may not be as simple as you can imagine until you have short hair. You need to learn how to care your short hair so it will be healthy and look gorgeous.