8 Kaley Cuoco Short Hair


ShortHair.CO (Kaley Cuoco Short Hair) – Kaley Cuoco, a model, and actress that was born from the Italian father and German and English mother are famous for her films, such as the 8 Simple Rules… for Dating My Teenage Daughter (2002), Brandy & Mr. Whiskers (2004), The Big Bang Theory (2007), and The Wedding Ringer (2015). Not only is she famous for all of those films, she is also well-known for her appearance, especially for her cool short hairstyles.

We conclude that this actress that is actually also a film producer with her film, Authors Anonymous (2014), has mastered the complete arts of stylish any types of Short Hair. This is perhaps because she was 30 years old and has enough experiences in making everything look good with her short hair. She always looks great with both her Bob Hairstyles and her pixie cuts. We grabbed some of her perfect appearances and tell you how she could make them.

Top 8 Kaley Cuoco Short Hair

1. Sleek and Smooth Kaley Cuoco Short Hair

Sleek and Smooth Kaley Cuoco Short Hair

At the Kids Choice Awards, Kaley had a surprising hairstyle after turning her hairstyle into a super sleek and smooth hairstyle. You can also do this by sweeping the hair while it is damp into the deep side parting. Then, comb the hair down to find a poker straight look. Finish with hair oil such as jojoba or argan oil to have the wet look. Smooth down with your palms to set the hair and secure it with strong hold hairspray.

2. Kaley Cuoco Short Layers Hair

Kaley Cuoco Short Layers Hair

If you plan to transform your current pixie haircut into bob hairstyle, you need to refer to Kaley’s tip, adding layers in. Ask your hairstylist to add some layers so that you will find it easier to style your hair. In addition, you can also add more volume with the layers and without some products required.


3. Big Bang Theory Kaley Cuoco Short Hair

Big Bang Theory Kaley Cuoco Short Hair

If you remember the Big Bang Theory, you must also remember Kaley Cuoco. This actress turns the hairstyle regularly. She presents that there are some things to do with the pixie haircut. One of them is by taking short and choppy style. This is perfect because this can add some touches of edge.

4. Kaley Cuoco Undercut Short Hair

Kaley Cuoco Undercut Short Hair

To create a bold statement, you can have an undercut. You may also soften it up as what Kaley has presented at SAG awards. To make it look softer, sweep longer locks into one side fringe. To smoothen up the hair, use straighteners.


5. Kaley Cuoco Pulled Up Short Hair

Kaley Cuoco Pulled Up Short Hair

Kaley Cuoco shows that she always looks chic with or without bangs. If you have short bangs, you better let them down. However, if you have the longer bangs, you can simply pull them up. You can sweep the tresses backward. Backcomb at the roots and create an excellent volume. Also, pay attention to the sides. You need to keep it smooth. Secure the hairstyle with hairspray.


6. Fuss Free

Fuss Free

This actress has ever had her hair in fuss-free style when she chose it for the Emmys. It looks easy, natural and a bit messy that makes her look sexier. To style this Celebrity Hairstyles, you need to simply brush the hair through. Get rid of the flyaways. Add texture wax on your fingers and run them through the tresses.

7. Glamorous Side Swept Hair

Glamorous Side Swept Hair

Planning to have a glamorous hairstyle, you may refer to this Kaley’s style. Fortunately, this hairstyle is very easy to do at home. First, damp your hair. Sweep your wet hair and create a dramatic side parting. You can create a stunning fringe with your long locks. Just bring them forward. Take your hairdryer and small round brush. While drying the hair, keep brushing the hair. This will make your locks look smooth. For the finishing, you better not directly hairspray it, but spritz hairspray on your fingers. Smooth down for the sleek look. Once you find the best look, secure it with strong hold hairspray.

8. Slicked Back Short Hair

Slicked Back Short Hair

Another interesting short hairstyle shown off by Kaley Cuoco is her slicked back short hair. It is simple to create but presents something elegant. If you don’t have much time to style your hair, this hairstyle is perfect for your solution because it takes only a few minutes to create. First, wash the hair with shampoo and conditioner. As you, the hair, use round brush to make the volume.  The blow dry the hair for the smooth look.