5 Updos for Short Hair To Do Yourself


ShortHair.CO (Updos for Short Hair) – When you get bored with your short hairstyles, you must look for some more ideas from hair tutorials. You come to the internet and here you find the right place to learn about how to updo your short hair. Originally, short haircut looks simple. Without adding certain touches, it will look just so-so. However, with some magical treatments, short hair may become more and more interesting. The important thing is that you need to master several ways to updo your hair so that you won’t look boring.

We’ve gathered plenty of ideas about what to do with short hair. The following are some examples. No worries! We provide you with several hairstyles that are suitable for any hair type and face shape. In addition, you can take them to complete your appearance on some occasions, such as night with the gals, fall homecoming, summer wedding, etc. They are practical enough to do.

Top 5 Updos for Short Hair To Do Yourself

  1. Easy Bun

Easy Bun

This hair style is good for short to medium length hair. If you have above shoulder length hair, it is perfect for you because the major attention of this hairstyle, bun, will also be perfect with this hair length. Alternatively, this hairstyle is also applicable for those with thin hair, even the longer one. It is also called the fail safe method for the full knot on top of your head. Luckily, you may complete the look in two different ways. You can have the sleek one, or you can make it a bit messy or carefree.

  1. Double Braids

Double Braids

When you think that single braided hair is an ordinary hairstyle, what if you have double braided hairstyle? It will look fabulous. Inspirations may come from everywhere and anyone. This red carpet inspired hairstyle requires 2 French braids, for the short hair, on each side of your part. Then, twist and pin the remaining hair right at the nape of the neck. This is a smart idea to create an illusion of longer hair. Therefore, you don’t need to have hair extension or to wait until your hair longer to do this style.

  1. Twisted Updo

Twisted Updo

If you have some events in the last days of summer or the transition into the autumn season, this type of hairstyle will be a great choice. This sweet hairstyle becomes perfect when completed with the hair accessory. The headband will make you look cuter and more feminine. Before adding the accessory, what you need to do is creating messy curls. The front locks are twisted back. In addition, to adding hair decoration with the headband, this accessory can also secure the hair to make sure that you have the perfect set of your hair.

  1. Roll and Waves

Roll and Waves

There are some interesting points of this hairstyle. You will love the victory roll, the excellent texture with some waves and the optional decorative flower. For more interesting look, you may do hair colouring first before doing this style. Pink hair will be great to present a vibrant look on your head. However, for some skin tone, this colour will make the skin look paler. You can find the best colour in accordance to your skin ton. To complete the style, you need to make some waves, especially for the back hair and the best statement is the victory roll that also creates a stunning asymmetrical look. Add a flower to the roll!

  1. Romantic Appeal

Romantic Updos

Sometimes, we need to present romantic appeal through our hair. One of the solutions is this hairstyle that you can do by firstly curling the hair with curling iron or wand. Once you set the curls, you need to gather some small pieces of your hair and then pin them in the back. You better have the curl to frame your face. Then, set the face framing curls with light hold hairspray. Supported with the right makeup and outfit, you may be one of the focal points in the events where you come for.

Those are some ideas about the 5 best updos for short hair. Most people think that having short hair, you can’t have the benefit of a topknot. However, we prove that you still have a chance of this hair updo with your above shoulder length hair. Although you can’t have a ponytail, there are some ways to make you look more interesting than just the simple ponytail.