11 Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair


Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair are fun and exciting and most likely going to be one of the most special and meaningful days of your lifetime. You have to choose the perfect dress, shoes and accessories. However a wedding would not be complete with out the perfect Wedding Hairstyles. Your wedding day will be a day to remember and cherish for a lifetime, so you want to create picture perfect memories that will make you shed a tear of joy every time you look back on that joyous occasion. But you will really be so happy that you chose the best wedding hairstyle for that day.

Wedding Short Hair Styles Ideas and Picture for Brides

There is a great looking hair style for any type of hair. Some classic wedding hair types are listed below:

1. Elegant Wedding Updos

This is a classic wedding hairstyle that can be styled in so many different ways. An up do is simply pinning most of the hair up into a desired bun, French twist, or having curls flow freely from the top of the pinned hair. Some up dos look great with bangs; you can also add hair accessories, such as flowers and barrettes.

2. Classic Maiden Hair style for Wedding

This hairstyle is very elegant and simple to maintain. To obtain this look the hair is brushed back into a low ponytail, and the bang is flipped and swept to the side creating a soft wave appearance.

3. Classic Maiden Hair style for Wedding

This hair style as shown in the picture would be a good idea for any type of wedding dress that you choose, this is a simple look to create and goes great with long hairstyles. This wedding hairstyle can be obtained by having long flowing wavy hair that is parted down the middle or no part needed. You can crown the hair with a tiara to give it a great fairytale look.

4. Fairytale Princess Bridal Hairstyles

This look can be maintained by curling the full head of hair and than pining them up in an up do type hairstyle. One can choose to have a few curly side bangs or no bangs at all. This looked can be crowned with a tiara or an elegant bouquet of flowers.

5. Egyptian Princess Bridal Hairstyles

This is a simple and easy hairstyle bun to create. You can start by pulling the hair back by creating a low ponytail and than taking the loose end of the ponytail, you can create a bun or elegant French twist.

6. Chignon Wedding Hairstyles

This hairstyle is classic and can easily be styled for the wedding if you have naturally curly hair. One can choose tight ringlets or loose end curls. This style would look great if crowned with a tiara or one simple flower to the side of the hair.

Top 11 Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

1. Beautiful Short Curly Hairstyles

Beautiful Short Curly Hairstyles

2. Short Blonde Bob Wedding Hairstyle

Short Blonde Bob Wedding Hairstyle

3. Cute Short Bob Wedding Hair with Crown

Cute Short Bob Wedding Hair with Crown

4. Short Asymmetrical Curly Hair with Undercut Side

Short Asymmetrical Curly Hair with Undercut Side

5. Wedding Bob Haircuts with Headband

Wedding Bob Haircuts with Headband

6. Fairytale Short Wedding Style Princess Bridal

Fairytale Princess Bridal

7. Classic Maiden Hairstyle for Wedding

Classic Maiden Hairstyle for Wedding

8. Elegant Wedding Updos

Elegant Wedding Updos

9. Egyptian Princess Bridal Hairstyle

Egyptian Princess Bridal Hairstyle

10. Chignon Wedding Hairstyle

Chignon Wedding Hairstyle

11. Classic Curly Hairstyle for Wedding

Classic Curly Hairstyle for Wedding

Wedding Short Hairstyles Tips

Some helpful tips to remember when getting a Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair:

  1. Try a lot of different styles that suit you and your personality
  2. If you will have a shoulder less dress, choose styles such as up dos, and chignons so the full detail of the dress can be seen
  3. Do you hair a day before the wedding or the day of the wedding
  4. Months before the wedding try a lot of different hairstyles before you make the final decision
  5. Have at least two types of hairstyles for your wedding.
  6. For short or cut hair, make sure you keep your hair trimmed and neat
  7. For simple looks try on different types of wigs to see what style ideas you can get
  8. Look at a lot of magazines for wedding hairstyle ideas
  9. Talk to your stylist about the wedding hairstyle you want her to create.