10 Punk Hairstyles for Short Hair


The best Sporting a Punk Hairstyles for Short Hair make the all of you unique and in a world of your own, just by boasting the colorful work of art on your head. It shows expression and sometimes rebellion. Anyone can obtain the punk look if they dare to be bold and different. The great thing about the punk cut and hairstyles is that you do not have to chop off all of your hair to obtain the punk look, just a little bit of dye here and there, a snip or two in your bangs or razor cut edges. This punk look will be a superb look and you can really feel like a rock star.

History of Punk Hairstyles

The punk hairstyles became popular in the 1980’s when alternative rock bands wanted to distinguish themselves from the conformist world. They wanted to create a style and look that made them look different and unique. Little did they know they would set a trend of unique hairstyles that men and women can both look good in.

1. The Mohawk Punk

The Mohawk is basically a style where both sides of he head as well as the back is completely shaven and a long strip of hair is left in the center of the head, and is usually gelled upward in the shape of a fan. There are a lot of different variations of the hawk, such as the dreaded hawk or the horror hawk.

2. The Pop Punk Haircut

This super punk haircut is usually a look that is obtained by girls, since it requires long hair and dying of the hair. The hair is usually two different colors when creating this look and the colors are usually bright or pastel like pink and green.

3. The Beaver Punk Hairstyles

The beaver is somewhat similar to the Mohawk as where the sides are skinned down. However there is a short thick strip of hair left in the center unlike the Mohawk where the strip of hair is left in the center and than fanned.

Got this stylish Inspiration Of Different Punk Hairstyles Ideas and Pictures

1. Short Punk Straight Blonde Hairstyle

Short Punk Straight Pixie Blonde Hairstyle

2. Alluring Short Punk Hairstyles

Punk Hairstyles For Women

3. Punk Shorthaircut

Punk Short Red Brown Haircut

4. Spiky Punk Short Hairstyles for Girls

Spiky Punk Short Haircut for Women

5. Punk Short Colored Straight Hair

Punk Short Orange Colored Straight Hair

6. Punk Short Blonde Pixie Hair

Punk Short Blonde Pixie Hair

7. Short Punk Thin Side Parted Hairstyle

Short Punk Thin Side Parted Hairstyle

8. Punk Blonde Haircut Back View

Punk Blonde Haircut Back View

9. Punk Short Choppy Dark Thick Hair

Punk Short Choppy Dark Thick Hair

10. Cool Punk Short Thin Hair with Long Bangs

Cool Punk Short Thin Hair with Long Bangs

Punk Hairstyles Tips For Women

Caring for a punk hairstyle can be easy to maintain depending on the length and style you choose. If you plan to take care of your punk cut and punk hairstyles you should remember some important tips that will help you maintain your perfect style. Some brief tips that one can follow are:

  1. Always find a good hairstylist that has a lot of knowledge about the type of punk hairstyles
  2. A good tip is to use a temporary dye on your hair to see what colors work for you
  3. Always keep the hair trimmed and maintained by trimming the edges and split ends
  4. Have some variety with your punk hairs style; try different hairstyles that accentuate your feature
  5. Punk hairstyles seem to look great on straight hair
  6. Since maintaining a punk hairstyle requires a lot of gel, wash hair frequently