10 Bob Hairstyles For Women


The 10 Bob Hairstyles For Women  was a revolutionary change during the 1920’s where women wanted to show their equality in society. Chopping of long luxurious hair in those days was considered taboo. The original bob hairstyle was usually waved or flat. However women became more creative and added a variety of different looks and ideas to the ever so fabulous bob.

The Bob Hairstyles 2016 is a classic hairstyle that has been around for centuries. There are many different types of looks one can get from styling the bob. The bob hair style is such a great hairstyle because it goes with any type of facial structure. The bob is a cute, fun, stylish and manageable hairstyle that can be worn by teens up to mature adults. The bob is a versatile look; there are different variations of the bob, and this hairstyle can work wonders with short or medium length hair. The bob is a great idea for anyone who cannot make a decision on how to wear their hair. It is important that one takes care of this hairstyle.

A Bob Hairstyles For Women 2016 is a rather respectable and also relatively low-maintenance solution for great hair. A collarbone, chin-length or cropped styles are similarly useful for hair that lacks body. It could consistently be included with easy designing techniques and readily available hair products. The complying with are several of the cutest instances of bob hairstyles for fine hair. Even if you have been adhering to this cut for years, watch them with concepts for a seasonal update in mind.

10 Bob Hairstyles For Women Pictures and Ideas

1. Short Trimmed Bob Haircut

Short Trimmed Bob Haircut

This type of bob Hairstyles is a fun look that can be worn for any occasion. To obtain this look the hair should be trimmed just above the ear line, while the side and back of the head is shaved very low.

2. Asymmetrical Bobs

Asymmetrical Bobs

Asymmetrical bobs are also known as the uneven bob, this is a unique idea that adds a lot of definition to the face. One side of the hair is longer than the other. This bob hairstyle usually works well with straight hair.

3. Bowl Cut Bob Hairstyle

Bowl Cut Bob Hairstyle

This is the cut of the bob that is short way above the ear line, and has a short bowl cut look still in the form of the bob.

4. Flipped Bobs

Flipped Bobs

This look is ultra chic, classy and retro, simply take a brush and flip the back of the hair to create a great look.

5. Short Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

Short Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

This can be created by adding a nice side swept bang or bang that lines up with the cut of the hair. Bangs can be versatile with the bob adding extra emphasizes to certain features while minimize others.

6. Short and sleek Bob Hairstyle

Short and sleek Bob Hairstyle

This style seems to be most prevalent today. This bob hairstyle is cut right below the chin in a single length and formed with layers to give it that extra volume.

7. Edgy Short Bob Hairstyle For Thin Hair

Edgy Short Bob Hairstyle For Thin Hair

The ragged outlines of a sexy look are a perfectly sophisticated alternative for any type of celebration. Fine layering for the back and long disconnected front tresses are the “wow” factors of this elegant appearance, as well as the subtle highlights are its flavor– an outstanding bob hairstyle for any sort of age.

8. Face-Framing Angled Bob Hairstyles

Face-Framing Angled Bob

Thanks to her jet black angled bob, Leigh Lezark looks quite significant despite a naked compose and pastel-colored outfit. Leigh’s cut is tapered towards the edges to achieve their utmost accuracy as well as beautiful contour lines.

9. Soft Classy Lob Bob Hairstyles

Soft Classy Lob Bob Hairstyles

Being a renowned design symbol, Taylor Swift couldn’t appear at Oscars 2014 rocking anything that is not super classy. Her soft lob with face-framing layering as well as black floor-length bangle gown from Julien Macdonald represent themselves.

10. Blonde Wispy Lob

Blonde Wispy Lob

Kate Mara’s great hair shows up adorably large and wispy. Her centre-parted lengthy bob is cut in the collar-bone size and trimmed through the edges, to ensure that she might effortlessly design this amazing detached ‘do. Remember this trick, it benefits all bob hairstyles for thin hair.

Bob Hairstyles Tips

Some important tips to follow when sporting the bob hairstyle for Women would be to

  1. Use shampoos and conditioners that maximize volume
  2. Always use an anti-frizz creams to keep hair in tact
  3. Use hairspray or mouse to hold bangs and hair in place
  4. Maintain healthy hair by eating right and using high quality hair products
  5. Try wearing the bob long and short to see what hairstyle suits you best
  6. Make sure you trim the edges and split ends